10 Habits of successful Relationships

Alright guys in this poat we're going to be 10 habits of successful relationships.

Now these are things that you can model yourself these are things that successful relationships have in common. That you can look at and go wow if I do that I will have a higher likelihood of having a successful relationship now this can be anything from dating boyfriend/girlfriend marriage all the way down to just your friends just your co-workers even your neighbors. This is a broad spectrum of things it's just having a great relationship.

1. Communication

Number one is communication. A lot of problems are caused simply because people do not know how to communicate how they feel, how they think and what is causing the problem and if you get communication down it's the foundation for a great relationship.

I know a lot of people who are friends but don't feel comfortable telling each other how they feel and because of that they have a very rocky relationship and there's not much content there's not much meat in the friendship it's just you know .
If one of them got in a car accident they would show up to the hospital bed and they'd say there's anything I can do I'll do it for you but they won't actually mean it like they wouldn't actually like scrub their feet that was a weird analogy but you know what I mean it's not like a deep meaningful relationship to me

2. Forgiveness

Number two is forgiveness and this is something that I've noticed in my life that you can find there's a lot of people who struggle with forgiving someone and something.

I actually I wouldn't suggest this but you can do it if you want to is actually to make a mistake on purpose and then ask someone else for your forgiveness and in turn how they forgive you can determine the quality of the relationship so it's completely ambiguous.

I wouldn't do anything major but as long as you understand that your friend your spouse your girlfriend your boyfriend whoever you're living with can forgive you that's going to be a quality of a great relationship and you in turn can do that yourself you can forgive people for what they have done and it's actual forgiveness not just saying that you apologized but forgiveness like. I actually forgive you I'm not going to do it again I am sorry I feel bad that comes a lot with tip.

3. Understanding

Number 3 which is understanding when you understand the person and how they feel it comes a lot easier to forgive them.
Now understanding is really difficult and you kind of have to have I don't want to be real cheesy about it but you have to have a big heart have to have the openness to want to understand someone else in their situation.

The empathy and the sympathy to know how someone else feels and understanding their situation that they may not have had the out to get you kind of thinking but something bad happens and that understanding will lead to forgiveness and over time understanding them they will be more likely to be open to understanding you.

4. Five Love languages

Tip number four is to understand the five love languages and when if you've ever read the book the five love languages.
You will start to understand that's loving someone but having a loving relationship isn't something you can do passively you know I talk about income all the time you can make passive income to where it just trickles into your bank account you don't even have to think about it but a great relationship if you understand the five love languages you start to understand that they're not passive they're active.

so you have to go out and it's kind of breaks down a habit a little bit but actively loving someone understanding that this friend will feel more loved.
If I give them a gift every week and this friend on the other hand won't feel the same way but they will feel loved even more if I spend 30 minutes with them every day and the five love languages you can read that book their words of affirmation service gifts quality time and physical touch.

everyone's different you might have a mix of those one of those I'd be super important to you just have to understand yourself and you also have to understand the person that you're with the relationships that you have built in your life when you start deconstructing them and finding out what their love languages or what their priorities are then you can start to have a better relationship in terms of how you form your habits.

5. Respect

Tip number five is respect now this is a big one and I've actually had some struggle with this among some of my friends because they'll go out and do things and it's hard for me to respect them through their actions but I can tell you what the friends that I do respect I have a great relationship with you know I look up to them it's like wow that's a great quality that I think you have.

I would like to have that just respecting them understanding that they're not below you that are with you and sometimes when you start to look at people below you.
you start to not respect them as much because you feel like they're undervalued but and I don't want to talk about this as much because I don't know much about it but I do know it is a habit of great relationships respect. 

6. Appreciate each other

Tip number six is to she ate each other now appreciation can go anything all the way back to the five love languages to say I appreciate you let's spend 30 minutes together watching the sunset - I appreciate you I wrote you a little note when I thought of you or here's a small gift when I was on vacation just appreciating them and sometimes you can even vocally tell someone hey I appreciate that you're in my life and that helps out a lot.

7.  Look at situations

Tip number seven is to look at situations not that it's me versus you. I'm gonna say that one more time it's not me versus you what it is us versus the problem so when you come at something and there are people coming they start just butting heads and where it's like a war they're starting to attack each other and attack each other's personal qualities and that's the problem in the first place isn't that they're not joining together to solve the problem and the thing is if they would just join together and go you know what it's not your fault it's not my fault it's both of our faults.

what can we do to solve this problem that will solve so many relationship problems just coming at it together as a team whether that's a marriage team or a boyfriend/girlfriend team or even you and your friend if you guys just start looking at problems and bickers that you guys bickering as something that you guys can solve together you'll have a lot more success in that relationship.

8. Honesty

The next tip is that honesty comes first now there's a lot of times in my life I can look back and go man it was really easy to lie there but when it comes down to it friendships and great relationships are for the long term so if you want a short term relationship yeah go ahead and lie but if you be honest even if you be honest first without going through a bunch of loopholes that friend will start to respect.
you more they will understand you more you will start to have better communication with them it's just a another great foundational habit of a great relationship is to be honest first and if you don't feel comfortable being honest to a person there might be some psychological abuse or something else going on that is making that relationship unsteady and you ma you probably want to get away from.

9. Make time for each other

The next tip is to make time for each other now this is something I struggle with and I think a lot of entrepreneurs might struggle with in relationships specifically because they love to work I'm almost like a workaholic I love working something about me specifically is that I don't want to spend my time doing meaningless so I look at things and I value my time really high and sometimes if I'm just out with my girlfriend and we're not having a great time I almost start to look down upon that because I was like.

I could be making five or ten thousand more dollars a month if I spent that time on the business but I also look at the relationship view of it and I'm like you know this relationship is a great thing in my life if I didn't have it I might not want to work as hard so that's something that you've got a balance and you've got to be self-aware to understand what percent of your life do you want to work and what percent of your life do you want to be actually part of your life and the entrepreneur part of that is where can you mesh those.

10. Laugh a lot

The last tip is of course to laugh a lot. Now there are a ton of psychological benefits to laughing a lot and if you can build a habit up to where when you spend time with someone and you just when you're around them you're charismatic sometimes some people that I'm around I literally just feel more charismatic and it's not even me that has changed it's them it's the people that I'm around they make me feel more charismatic they make me feel like it's okay to laugh it's okay to be myself and if you can surround yourself with people like that that's another great habit to form in a great relationship.


so I'm gonna go back through and review these ten habits that you can come up with that you can model the masters to have a great relationship number one is communication the next one's forgiveness number three is understanding number four is to understand and actively pursue the five love languages number five is respect each other number six is to appreciate each other number seven is to look at things that it's us versus the problem not me versus you number eight is to be always honest first tip number nine is to make time for each other and said number ten is to laugh a lot.

I hope you guys enjoy this article learn something new and become very helpful for you.

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