International Yoga Day 2020

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Benefits of Yoga and Pranayam :-

Swami Ramdev Shares Yogasanas And Medicines To Treat The Problem Of Infertility
The problem of infertility has become common in today's times. According to Swami Ramdev, the problem of infertility can be due to many reasons. Many women face this problem due to high blood pressure, irregular hormones as well as from being overweight. There are many women who become pregnant but suffer from miscarriage. If you are also facing infertility due to the problem of eggs in the body properly, then know some home remedies and yogasanas through which you also get the happiness of becoming a mother.
Pranayams to get rid of the problem of infertility

Kapalabhati -

International Yoga Day 2020

By performing this asana, blood circulation in the body increases, as well as hormones, are formed properly. Do this asana for at least half an hour.

Anulom Vilom -

 Women should do this asana for at least half an hour This will benefit.
International Yoga Day 2020

Yoga to get rid of the problem of infertility
According to Swami Ramdev, due to excess weight, one has to face this problem. Therefore, with these yogasanas you will not only just loose weight but the formation of hormones will be done properly.

Tiriyak Tadasana 

 Do this asana 3-4 times daily. This will reduce your whole body fat. Performing this asana balances the hormones. With this, the thyroid is cured. Do this asana for around 25-25. Simultaneously set at least 4-5.
International Yoga Day 2020


International Yoga Day 2020

This asana should be done at least 50 times in a short time. This will reduce your weight easily.


International Yoga Day 2020

This asana should be done with long breaths. By doing this asana, you will get rid of digestive problems along with abdominal fat.


International Yoga Day 2020

By doing this asana, the extra fat cells present in the body are converted into energy. By doing this asana, the muscles become stronger along with reducing weight.
Chakki posture-
Do this asana with long breaths. Do this asana at least 20-25 times by doing 1 set of 10. Doing this will benefit the waist and chest, remove sciatica disease, reduce abdominal fat.
Stith konasana-
By doing this asana, the fat of the waist and thighs will be reduced, slim the waist, make the body beautiful, beneficial for the stomach as well as the back, control diabetes.


International Yoga Day 2020
By doing this Yogasan, obesity reduces and waist becomes thin and shapely. Reduce body exhaustion. Relieves licorice and thyroid. Do this 25-50 times.
Ardha halasana -
Abdominal fat will be reduced easily by performing this asana. Also, the whole body will remain fit.

Paschimottanasana -

International Yoga Day 2020

This asana should also be done about 15-20 times. By doing this you will also get rid of belly fat. Along with this, by doing this asana, one can get relief from menstrual problems and liqueur.

Shalabhasana -

International Yoga Day 2020

This asana brings flexibility in the back. Correct digestion, strengthen hands and shoulders.

 Help reduce obesity, relieves constipation, and gas problem and make muscles strong.
Herbs to increase infertility

According to Swami Ramdev, take these medicines along with Pranayama and Yogasan daily. You will see the benefits quickly.

Eat Shivlinga seed.
Intake of putrajeevak seeds.
Fruit dust
Take Ashokarishta if you have a BP problem.
Home remedies to treat other problems of women
If your hemoglobin is low then eat pomegranate 2 times daily. Also, eat carrot and beetroot salad.
Soak a little jaggery in 20 grams of water at night and drink this water in the morning. This increases hemoglobin.
For the fulfillment of calcium, take milk, milk flour in addition to buttermilk daily, barley flour.
For menstruation problems, take Dashmularishta.
Drink asparagus powder for the problem of licorice.

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