Happy Mother's day 2020 :  Lord's wonderful creation

Happy Mother's day 2020 :  Lord's wonderful creation

Short story:-

The good lord was extremely busy that today. He was into 6th day overtime. When he was working with full concentration, an angel appeared and commented, "you are taking so much care for creating this creature."
Happy Mother's day 2020 :  Lord's wonderful creation

"That is true," said the lord. "Do you want to know the details?
What are they? The angel was curious.
"All her parts should be movable and replaceable too. She has lap that disappears when she stands up. I have to  endow her with a kiss that can cure everything-from a broken heart.

Moreover, she has to have a six pairs of hands. she must be able to run on any food available and should have three pairs of eye.
The angel shook his head slowly and said, "A mighty impossible task, I suppose. Six pairs of hands? No way!"
"No these hands are not a problem for me. It is the three pairs of eyes that the mother's have to have." lord looked puzzled.
"Oh, so you are creating a standard model of mothers? but three pairs of eye? What for ? the angel got interested.

"One pair that she is her children through closed doors another pair to look at the children and say I understand and I love you without uttering a word. And the third pair to see all secret things without opening them."
"Lord requested the angel. "please go to bed do not take so much trouble in a single day"
" I cannot," He refused. " I have almost completed the work. I have put the best of my ideas into this model. Now this mother will heal herself when she is sick. she would be able to feed a family of six members only on half a kilo of cabbage. And she would manager child's bath, play ,study food and sleep without getting irritated."
Happy Mother's day 2020 :  Lord's wonderful creation

The angel went round the model of the mother very slowly. he touched it and said, "it is too soft."
"But very tough," said the lord excited.
"You cannot imagine what this mother can do and endure."
"Can it think?"
"Not only can she think but can reason compromise too." said the lord.
The angel was impressed. he went closer to the model and moved his finger across the cheek.
"Oh lord, her eyes are leaking!"

How did this happen ? it must be tear. I have not put it there. it is a miracle! the lord exclaimed.
"But what is tear for, my lord?"
" It is something unique maybe it is for pain, joy, pride, disappointment, loneliness " the lord explained.

"What a wonderful creation!"

I hope all of us liked this wonderful story.


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